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Server Backup

There are backups, and there are ShadowProtect backups. Take a complete image of your servers and critical data regularly, and disk snapshot every hour or even every 15 minutes.

This system integrates with windows to call the VSS writer directly, not via the operating system, making it remarkably fast to backup, such that the snapshots frequently complete in seconds rather than minutes.

Restore to Bare Metal

Should disaster strike, restore your local backups to bare metal, a new, possibly different server, in less than an hour.

Offsite Data Retention

Copy the snapshot files over the internet to the cloud or our data centre every night.

Restore Ahead of Time

You can even hold a standby server in your premises, with the backup snapshots fed into it with a chosen delay, so you can boot up a backup server, literally within 5 minutes of a problem, for those situations where downtime is not good enough.

Live Offsite Failover

For ultimate security, we provide a virtual private cloud to run your latest offsite backup in our datacentre, thus maintaining business continuity even if your premises are inaccessible. How cool is that!