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Connectivity Connectivity is the enabling technology underpinning much of the gains in productivity and usability through information technology, hence the investment being made by government, telecomms and business alike.

ADSL and now fibre are providing increasingly good service to populated areas, while 4G and Ka band satellite services are possible options for rural and poorly situated urban requirements.

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Data Storage

Data Storage Whether you require quantity, security, or accessibility (or all three), data storage is available in a form to suit your requirements. Cloud storage is remarkably cost effective, provided the connectivity is there, and on-site storage, in-server, on seperate servers, and on dedicated NAS devices has never been faster or more reliable.

  • private cloud - virtual server
  • private cloud - dedicated server
  • on-site in server
  • on-site dedicated hardware

Call for a discussion on the best ways to address your storage needs.

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Data Processing

Data Processing Cloud based flexible processing capacity is ideal for massive requirements, projects, multiple access requirements and low overheads.

Contact us for a discussion around what configuration of servers will best provide for your requirements.

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Miscellaneous A look at no-tech security, the demise of XP, the current concerns around government surveillance programs, and other matters of interest.

Want to see a subject added here ? - feel free to contact us.

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