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Fast & Reliable Internet Everywhere

If the cloud is all about scalability, we think business is all about connectivity.

Your broadband connection is probably as essential as your electricity supply, but until it fails it is rarely taken seriously enough. And then there is performance although out of town connections are getting rapidly better, the availability of business grade internet away from population centres is often an issue.

The good news is that between the various technologies available to us; ADSL, vDSL (aka FTTC), fibre, local WiMAX networks, satellite and 3G/4G mobile there are ways to provide the bandwidth and reliability needed at reasonable cost.


ADSLTried and tested the world over, this technology is only getting better as the relentless march of development and infrastructure improvement progresses. Typically we find improvements of up to 100% in performance switching to our partner ISP from domestic and low cost carriers, though hardly more costly.

vDSL (Fibre To The Cabinet)

vDSLFibre is the way forward, and fibre to the cabinet is a very cost effective technology that provides excellent performance at little more than ADSL tariffs. Latency and packet loss are also generally excellent, meaning a good user experience for remote working as well as downloads and browsing.


FibreFibre (leased line) is the standard by which business grade connectivity is judged. Bandwidths to 1GB/sec, lowest losses and latency, and class leading reliability make hosting high volume sites and larger organisations communication needs straightforward. These connections are also scalable for changing business needs.

Local WiMAX Networks

WiMAX NetworksLocal area wireless networks fill in gaps in the national infrastructure where fibre and cable based connections are inaccessible. Due to the low cost of deployment and bandwidths to 40Mb/sec. without the latency inherent in satellite connections these are very useful where available.


SateliteSince the launch of the Ka band satellites in the last two years satellite connections have become a cost effective alternative with excellent performance. Download speeds to 20MB/sec, uploads to 6MB/sec, and unlimited data plans compare well with other alternatives, and provide a non-terrestrial alternative where infrastructure is not available, or a backup connection is needed.

Note: Not ideally suited for FPS gaming or very time sensitive interactive work due to the laws of physics - the satellites are in a geostationary orbit approximately 36,000km up and even at the speed of light it takes a few hundred milliseconds to get there and back

3G/4G Mobile

3G 4GWhere they are available (which is increasing every day) the new 4G networks are providing another very credible access technology with performance exceeding ADSL2 levels in many cases. For lower data volume requirements and situations not requiring a fixed IP address this can be a great option.