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Data Storage

Whether it is for backup or accessibility, we have options for your offsite data storage requirements. This can be supported by features that make your data more accessible than ever. Need 2TB of data moved across the country quickly ? Or looking for a way to boot up your offsite backup while your facility is recovering from a man-made or natural disaster ?

Data Storage

Neither of these scenario's are a problem whether you choose to use our in-house data centre, or cloud based. Alongside the intelligent backup solutions offered you can request economical standby server capacity for emergencies, or even planned outages, such as moving premises. In the event of your data being needed quickly we will courier a disc to you, which is often difficult to arrange with cloud storage.

Should you wish to maintain storage facilities in your own premises we provide arrays from a stand alone NAS to clustered redundant arrays.

Your data is possibly the most critical asset your company possess, and with systems it is possible for you to check the validity of any backup, and open and browse files, either for archival purposes or to restore individual files lost in operation.

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