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Keep your information secure, and access it easily from within your office or outside. This is a critical function of IT and a good reasons to install or upgrade your server.

We offer and blend together the best commercial and open source solutions.
Reliable up to date backup is critical (but easily neglected) that can be better implemented in a server environment.

Is your email secure, synchronised across all your devices, and backed up? This is vitally important for business, and we deliver on this promise.

Security of information, and protection against intrusions and theft of data is a constantly evolving challenge in today's world.


As information systems become more powerful and ubiquitous the need of human intervention and in-depth understanding of the systems and processes is ever more needed. In short, the helpdesk is as essential as ever, and the good news is that ours is available, friendly, helpful and competent.
We offer plans to suit your requirements:

  • Enterprise: includes all on-site and remote support with scheduled maintenance and monitoring.
  • Small Business: includes all remote support and scheduled work
  • Core Basic: includes server maintenance and updates.
  • Plans start from less than £10/month per PC and there is no forward commitment.


Tired of wasting time moving data from one software system to another? Frustrated with the limitations of your programs? Or even worried about the errors implicit in spreadsheets for analysis and recording?

  • Flexible, modular and simple ERP systems that work.
  • Built on SQL databases and totally in the browser so that any device can be used, and software is not required on workstations.
  • Integrate CRM, Accounting, Manufacturing, Stock Control, HR, Time Management and Communication plus lots more into one simple to use package.
  • Customisation available and supported, with extensive base functionality.


The best way to do everything IT related? Or the latest buzzword to spend scarce resources on for no result?

We tell it as it is: the CLOUD is perfect for some applications and situations and may not be cost effective, secure, or even viable for others.

The availability and cost of storage and processing in the cloud can be much less than in-house.  Balancing this, auditing security and relying on existing connectivity infrastructure, can be a challenge.

Unbiased realistic forward looking advice is available on how and where to use the cloud in your process.

Featured IT Support Services

Risk Management

  • Hardware, Software, Personnel
  • Infrastructure
  • Security Assessment
  • Support Packages
  • Remote monitoring
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Business Consultancy

  • Systems and Equipment suitability assessment.
  • Process analysis and system scoring
  • Human/machine interface assessment
  • Accuracy, error correction and failures assessment

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Data Storage

  • Cloud, Rack or Local Storage as required
  • Multiple redundancy
  • Backup and Protection
  • Security

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