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About us

Established in 1999, Stream IT offers technical consultancy services to small and medium businesses and specialises in providing scalable and secure infrastructure solutions, cloud, managed services and IT consultancy services. Our vision is to offer first class, client-centric, dependable, accessible IT product services and support. The provision of our expertise saves our clients’ money through outsourcing the responsibility and delivering systems that support growth.

Stream provides tailored IT Services for our customers, initially taking the form of advice and consultation to understand our customer’s business requirements, then providing deliverable IT services that enhance and support business.

We have worked on a vast array of projects from simple small business networks and server installations, through to corporate systems such as:

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Storage Networks
  • Automated back-up systems
  • Document Management Systems (imaging and file/retrieval)
  • High Availability systems

We value our clients above all else and our aim is to build long-term relationships where we are positioned as a trusted IT partner. This has resulted in a strong client base who entrust us with their IT because of our customer-focused approach, excellent technical capabilities and importantly a variety of pro-active measures that genuinely maximise IT investments.

On each and every project, whether large or small, we work closely with our customer to provide a long-term IT solution that genuinely makes day-to-day business simpler and more effective. We aim to do this in as timely and cost-effective manner as possible, employing best practice technologies to best effect. We pride ourselves on our ability to be dynamic and flexible whilst also remaining structured and disciplined so as to achieve the demands of the individual client.

Corporate Responsibility

As with Stream IT, responsibility has always been at the core of Stream’s business practices.

The principles of corporate responsibility and sustainability are reflected throughout Stream’s long-standing business practices. These principles, including our shared values and ethics, guide our relationships with clients, employees, and the communities and environment in which we operate.

Why Work With Us?

Collaborating closely with its clients, Stream brings to bear its deep information technology and business knowledge to make managed security services work for your organisation.

Stream’s extensive security expertise and experience have shown that comprehensive, scalable and integrated security solutions are crucial to the security of your business. Our dedicated security professionals select, deploy and manage the most appropriate security solutions for your risk profile. Stream Managed Security Solutions can either integrate into an existing infrastructure or be incorporated into a total design-and-build process. We help clients develop security conscious service level agreements, and provide periodic audits to ensure their enforcement. We take a holistic approach to security; from assessment through strategy and implementation to ongoing security management.

Our Values

We utilise next generation tools, techniques and analytics to help our clients identify opportunities and embrace digital change to remain relevant in today’s changing world. We draw on our client experience as the leaders in technology change, and the individual experiences of our practitioners in working through these changes.

Business Centric

WWhether the problem is software, hardware, training or business process we will go the extra mile to give you meaningful constructive answers.

Our strategy is to build on everything positive that you already have, and combine the assets available to you with the best systems we can provide to get IT right out of your way and let your people do what they are paid for - making your business a success.

Using proven commercial and open source systems on efficient hardware, with multiple redundancy in the physical systems, data storage and connectivity. This means you have resilience built into your infrastructure so there are options even when disaster strikes.

Integrated Approach

YBusiness depends on systems working: this is much more than software, hardware, or even your people. We work on each part of the system: from simple but vital ergonomics at the workstation, through the traditional IT issues of hardware and software, focusing specially on the connectivity, and finishing with an end to end analysis of the business process chain.

As a company, we design complex systems for demanding marine and military environments, through to low or zero-cost community projects for young and disadvantaged people.

Combined with a determination to do it right, or not do it at all, we believe we have the blend of ingenuity, ability, attitude and cost effectiveness to meet your most difficult challenges creatively.

Care & Integrity

MMaintaining your IT systems is a constantly evolving challenge. The ordered boundaries of previous generations no longer exist.

We believe that the traditional values of honesty and integrity are more vital than ever in this environment. Taking the trouble to consider your data and your business requirements from your side, and going the extra mile to protect and deliver your needs makes a difference. Thinking outside the box for security is essential. As with physical security, 100% certainty is hard to come by, but we protect your data proportionate to the risk, cost effectively.

The reason is simple - unlike some of our competitors, we will actively refuse to take a project unless we believe we can bring value to you as a client. On this premise, long term relationships and referrals are built.

The core values that we hold have stood us in good stead through times of investment and austerity: we believe in what we do and are looking for like minded companies to work with for mutual profit.

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