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Consultancy Business is about people

IT is about technology

We bridge the gap � success relies on bringing these together, driven by ROI, with consideration for whole life cost, human factors, latest stable technologies and available products. Coming from a business perspective, we talk your language � at its simplest, our role is to present the complex issues of technology in a way that facilitates your decision making process.

Too many companies are locked into commercial deals they didn�t properly think through, or technologies that have outgrown their cutting edge � we stand beside you and explain the geek speak, define what it means in a business context, and advise from our experience what technologies are likely to develop.

Business systems built on sound principles, open architectures, and proven products are the required baseline for stress free infrastructure.

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Software As hardware gets progressively less costly and more powerful, and connectivity improves, software is the key to a great user experience and productivity that rocks.

As devices get smaller, and software costs are being driven down the major players are moving to a subscription model and moving to the cloud to retain their user base and enhance functionality. In addition, software based on Open Source is increasingly finding a place in everyday usage (from Android phones, based on Linux, for example, to full blown ERP deployments for 50,000 users), and this also is putting pressure on the traditional software model.

Free software and cloud based services are also making an impact in the business world, although as the reason for it becomes better understood we expect to see an increase in lower cost paid versions that give the privacy and accountability that is essential for business.

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Training Good quality training is an integral part of any software system deployment, and indeed changes to operating system versions or Office versions can be bad for productivity if not managed.

We work with your in-house training or peer support networks to provide the key information in as short a time as possible.

Should you require structured training for larger numbers of staff we work with dedicated training providers to create a package tailored to your specific requirements.

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Security Assessment

Security Assessment Alongside of the huge productivity gains possible with IT systems there are significant risks if the basic architecture is flawed, if good housekeeping is not maintained, and if the personnel are not managed to understand the framework within which the systems and people operate.

We believe that security is a whole sphere � from no tech to high tech, from cleaners to management, and across the whole range of your physical environment. Daunting as it sounds, we firmly believe that a first principles approach, robust understanding of the technologies and principles involved, and (most importantly) the human and psychological factors around security can be successfully managed, covered and understood within a proportionate resource framework, i.e. cost-effectively.

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