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File Sharing Server

Secure sharing of data is vital for business, a major enabler of productivity, and a security risk.  We understand the challenges of making it fast, simple and secure. 

Secured and encrypted DNS, proportionate and usable password policies, encrypted data and communication channels all underpinned by our connectivity infrastructure means you get access.

Sometimes data has to travel across borders and be accessible quickly on physical devices, whereas sometimes cloud based delivery is a better option.  In either case we manage end-to-end encryption and content delivery that protects your information but retains usability.

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Email Exchange Server

Whether your Exchange is on premise or cloudy, the advantages of a centralised, synchronised, backed up, properly managed email system are manifest:

  • Sent items always in sync
  • Inboxes always in sync – read/unread, flagged, folders, no problem
  • Calendar items in sync
  • Contacts and addresses maintained up to date
  • Synchronisation across desktops, laptops, handheld and mobile devices
  • Remote wipe/disconnect of lost phones.

Compatible with Microsoft Office (PC or MAC), other desktop mail clients, Windows Mobile, Android, Blackberry (inc. Z10/Q10), iPhone.

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Secure Remote Access

Connect to your work files from home, or the car?  Log into a virtual desktop to run line of business applications, or print a document in the office? - No problem with our Small Business Server solutions.

From any web enabled device you can connect and perform basic tasks, including checking email (without downloading to the local device), or changing a password.  Where security settings permit, or the computer has the relevant certificate available you can fully access email, files and data.

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Server Backup

Data is the lifeblood of business, and when fire, flood, theft or other disaster strikes, your systems need to be back up and running in minutes or hours, not weeks or never.  75% of businesses that suffer a major data loss are no longer trading after six months, and we have the technologies, the strategies and the experience to ensure that in the event of trouble you do not become another loss statistic.

Backup your server and files up hourly, reduce down to daily or weekly files for archiving, and restore, even to new dissimilar hardware in less than 2 hours.  For mission critical servers backup to a live redundant virtual server, and in the event of trouble, boot the standby machine, with data up to the past hour, in minutes.

Your backups are stored (encrypted) on site, so you have a local source, and can be stored off site in our data centre, or in the cloud.
In the event of your building being inaccessible, for any reason, we can boot up your backup in our datacentre and your staff work remotely from home or temporary offices, until such time as the live backup can be restored to your normal location.

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The threat landscape is always changing, and remains a constant challenge to IT admins.  We believe in a holistic approach, using products that span across traditional boundaries to keep you safe at all times.

  • Full range of protection solutions.
  • Traditional anti-virus on Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix and Virtual machines
  • Web scanning and filtering - block malicious sites (updated in real time), log and control usage
  • Hard Disk Encryption for travelling computers and high security environments
  • Manage USB drives and removeable hard discs – manage and block data transfer and stop leaks
  • Firewall
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Virtual or Physical machines, premium or standard hardware, we have answers and recommendations that stand the test of time.
We work with all the major hardware manufacturers and vendors.

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